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Hi, I am Kate Dwinell, Mind, Body & Business Coach

I coach new entrepreneurial women how to create CONFIDENCE in their business & reconnect to their body so they can create the IMPACT, the INCOME & live the life they truly DESIRE.

I used to be so burnt-out and stuck in my life & business, I felt like everyone was seeing all this “success” but I couldn’t reach it. I was doing “all the things” yet NO CLIENTS, NO INCOME & NO IMPACT. And I just couldn’t figure out why…


So what exactly do I do? I am a Mind, Body & Business Coach, so I focus on all areas of life so you can grow a beautiful & successful business. I focus on 4 main pillars in my coaching Confidence, Mindset, Soul & Strategy. To create a beautiful happy life & also an amazing business.

Sometimes it feels like your world is crashing down on you, that nothing is going right and what is even the point?

Yeah girl, I have been there, that is exactly why I created this FREE Seven Days of Gratitude Journal. This is for you to step into a place of positivity, gratitude, a healthier life, a happier mindset and to let go of things that no longer serve you. Snag Your Journal Here.