1:1 Body Confidence & Food Freedom Experience

I’ve been there babe. I used to hate the way I looked. I used to restrict my food intake and increase my cardio. I used to binge on food and purge constantly. I used to cry myself asleep because I hated my body. I used to hide my body from everyone. I used to feel as if I wasn’t worthy of love, of happiness and of feeling at peace with my life. I used to put on a mask and pretend I was happy and healthy so nobody would know what was actually going on. I used to lie. I used to hide. I used to feel alone. 

I used to feel like you. 

And I need you to know you are not alone. Know that this doesn’t have to be your life anymore. Know that there is a better life for you. Know that you are stronger than this. Know that this can change, it has to start with you. You can choose again. 

That’s why I created the 1:1 Body Confidence & Food Freedom Experience because I can take you to the other side. 

What is the 1:1 Body Confidence & Food Freedom Experience?

An exclusive opportunity for the woman who...

-Wants to overcome Emotional Eating, food guilt & shame because no one deserves to have anxiety when walking into the kitchen.

-Wants to find food freedom and ditch all the diets in the dust.

-Wants to finally feel like she is worthy right now rather than constantly doubting herself and her abilities.

-Wants to feel confident and love her body now rather than be constantly comparing her body to everyone else.

-Wants to lose weight mindfully and stop being a SLAVE to the scale.

This Expirence Includes…

-Weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls to really dive in on you & your journey to create massive transformation AND you get to keep the recordings of these sessions FOR FOREVER!

-24/7 MESSENGER ACCESS for any support, questions, breakthroughs, literally anything, you have me in your back pocket whenever you need me!

-DISCOUNTS on any programs & courses I run while in this experience!

-NEW EDITION: As a private client you get access to, THE BODY CONFIDENCE & FOOD FREEDOM VAULT, this is NEW and only private clients will have access to this. The vault is full of trainings, masterclasses, interviews, meditations & I will be constantly adding more & more into this vault. The vault itself is a MASSIVE value, you get for FREE when you are in this experience!


This woman will be working one on one with me to conquer her inner battles and step into the new confidently free her. She will feel abundant and worthy in the skin she is in. She will radiate confidence and positivity to HER CORE. She will conquer her food and inner self battles and will finally feel FREE & SAFE in her body. She will step into her true self and will FINALLY be able to truly live the life she deserves. This woman will go through a total mind, body and soul transformation to become the woman she knows she deserves to be.

After working one on one with me, this woman will..


If you feel a tug in your heart that this might be your next best step. Fill out the application down below & We will jump on a FREE call to chat!

If we both vibe together then we will discuss signing on to the Body Confidence & Food Freedom Experience.

Can't wait to step into this new level with you babe.


"I so needed this push, thank you!"

"Thank you so much, I really needed this in my life"

"I can't express how excited I am to work with you "

“I definitely felt understood, safe, supported by Kate as a coach. I felt we worked well together and in collaboration together. Kate’s approach is very friendly and approachable and also shows a great knowledge in her advice/ management skills that she offers.”


“Kate your energy is fucking amazing”

“YAAASSS!!! I LOVE how hands on you are about this and know that this time will be so, so much different”

“hahaha love your positive vibes! It's contagious”

“I am currently working with Kate and I can vouch for her! In less than a freaking week she has me digging way deeper than any other program I have purchased! She is the sweetest and so real and raw.  I highly recommend her!”