Hi again, I am Kate Dwinell, Food Body. I coach Emotional Eaters to find Food Freedom & Break Through their body struggles.

I do this through One on One coaching, Group Coaching, Self Paced Programs & More. I also run the free facebook community, Breaking Through Emotional Eating, which is a high vibe safe space for the emotional & binge eaters to come undone and connect with like minded women while also finding themselves again. 

I am so passionate about helping women who struggle with body image and food struggles because I have been in the same shoes

My life used to be a life full of restriction, negativity and always relying on external sources to feel any source of validation. For many years I struggled with an eating disorder and emotional eating and it controlled my life. I would eat very minimal amounts of calories, spend hours at the gym, then binge & purge when I got home, it was a terrible cycle. I was so unhappy, unconfident and alone with no one to turn to. I went from being overweight to underweight to obese, my weight fluctuated SO much throughout the years. I tried diet after diet, workout plan after workout plan and nothing ever worked, until I found the missing puzzle piece… 

Then one day I had enough, I did everything under the freaking sky looking for the external answers, I decided to take a different approach and start looking Internally & thats when everything S H I F T E D. I took the necessary mindset steps, transformed my whole world and my way of thinking, to heal my eating disorder & emotional eating and then I became the coach I needed back then through those hard times. So here I am helping women who struggle with food and body image, taking them through the same process to find their confidence and food freedom and they can finally reconnect back with their mind, body & soul.