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Break Through Emotional Eating: 4 Steps to Finding Freedom, Mini Course✨

The Live Training to begin your journey to healing your Emotional Eating🖤

For the women who...

  • Feels like she is controlled by food & doesn’t know what to do. 

  • Is hard on herself & feel like she isn’t enough.

  • Doesn’t put herself first.

  • Craving to start her journey to finding food freedom. 

  • Turns to food when times get tough.

  • Wants to lose weight mindfully.

  • Wants to create a new foundation for a happier & healthier life.

  • She is over all the diets & the fads and wants actionable steps to shift her life. 

This mini course is going to help break your cycle of emotional eating, start the healing process & create the foundation for moving forward with a life without emotional eating attached to it✨

This mini course has an hour of training content, broken down to 4 Steps and a Q & A mini session at the end. It has actionable steps to do throughout the training, to apply what you learned to your life to see immediate transformations & shifts. Really Diving into the mindset work , this mini course is going to have you set to create the habits to kick emotional eating to the curb🖤

You asked & I delivered. You have been telling me that you have been struggling with emotional eating for a while & have tried everything and is SO OVER IT and want actionable steps to heal your emotional eating. You asked for the foundation, you asked me “Where do I even start?”. And that’s how this mini course came to life✨

And it’s here for you FOR ONLY $33.33🖤

Oh and did I mention, you get access to the videos FOREVER? Yeah, you can re-watch the mini course as many times as you want until forever🤩

Ready to create the foundation for a happier & healthier life? Follow the link below for the emotional eating mini course today

You will have lifetime access to the replay.

Once payment is received, you will receive an email with access to the mini course that will be yours forever🖤

Can’t wait to shift & transformation with YOU